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Mission and Values

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Main Things

Scripture Alone

We believe the Scriptures are the Word of God and that they are entirely true and reliable.

Christ Alone

We believe that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is our only hope.

Grace Alone

We believe that God saves by grace alone and not because of anything we do.

Faith Alone

We believe that we are saved by faith alone.

The Glory of God Alone

We believe that all things are for the glory of God.

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In more detail...

Biblical Preaching

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to awaken your conscience. Regular repentance is the goal of a good conscience in Christ. We take our cue from men like John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones in unveiling God's Word so that we might see Him and ourselves more clearly. You can read more about what we believe God does for us in worship here: Elements of Ordinary Public Worship - From God to the People.

Pastoring and shepherding

We believe Pastors are to be good Shepherds and that they must care for their sheep. This means our pastor and our elders are here to help shape us into the image of Christ. Taking the the time to know the individual burdens of each person and how to bear up under them is a primary concern of the church.

Manhood and Womanhood and Families

Every generation has sins that are prominent. None are more prominent today then the denial of God making us male and female. Teaching us to embrace the differences God has made, having children and raising them to know and fear the Lord, and turning away from the perversions we once embraced is an every day work. We all have much to repent of in this area and are often guilty of acting contrary to how God made us. You can read more about how we help people walk in this way here: Declaration of Doctrine and Policies Concerning Sexuality.


In many ways, the current state of abortion is an outgrowth of our rejection of manhood and womanhood. We are not simply against abortion but are truly pro-life. God made everyone in His image and we have a duty to protect life, no matter the age or disease. If you are considering abortion please contact us or reach out to a local pregnancy center.

Οn being Presbyterian

What does it mean to be presbyterian? At the heart is the way we govern ourselves. You can read about that here: Presbyterian governance. We are a member of Evangel Presbytery - a small group of churches dedicated to making God known in all His glory. We are committed to the Westminster Standards and the reformed faith.

What about baptism?

We do not divide over the issue of baptism and are in union with both paedo-baptists and credo-baptists. This is unusual for a church and we know it. Because of the other pressing issues of the day we feel it best to lay aside our differences and work together. This doesn't mean we don't have strong beliefs about baptism - it just means we won't fight each other over them.