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June 17, 2022 Joe Helt

Response to News 14

Response to News 14

The following was sent to NBC 14 News in response to Ms. Jamee French's questions. Her questions and my response follow.


Dear Ms. French,

Thank you for giving me the chance to respond to your good questions. Taking them in order:

Question 1: Please tell me why you made the post?

Answer: I wrote the post because I am a preacher of the Gospel in God’s Word, the Bible. And God’s Word commands us to flee and repent of our sins. This public party robs men and women and children tempted by various sexual sins of repentance by telling them to celebrate their sins, so I gave our community God’s warning.

Question 2: Please tell me if you still stand by it after it's received several comments and shares of backlash?

Answer: Sure. I moved here from Bloomington, so I knew the partiers and their friends would not want to hear God’s call to repentance. I’m not a politician; I’m a preacher of the Gospel and I’m not ashamed of the Gospel.

Question 3: Also what's your message to those who are upset by your post?

Answer: I understand, and there’s a solution: repent of your sexual sin and trust the blood of Jesus to wash you. If you turn to Jesus, your anger will turn to sorrow, then joy and peace.

Question 4: If you had a loved one who was LGBTQ+ would you still feel the same way?

Answer: First, if you’ll allow me to nitpick over words, this has nothing to do with feelings. It’s God’s law and my work is preaching. But about loved ones, why would anyone assume a pastor calling women and men to repent of sexual sins doesn’t know or love women and men in bondage to sexual sins? Not true. I have loved men all my life, and maybe more intensely than any gay or bi man has ever loved another man. My work preaching is fighting to save their souls.


Joseph Helt

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Jasper