A Terrible Spiritual Enemy | First Presbyterian Church

June 16, 2022 First Presbyterian Church

A Terrible Spiritual Enemy

A Terrible Spiritual Enemy

in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience  

 – Ephesians 2:2


Making bad news even worse is the fact that Satan himself presides as prince over those outside of Christ. He leads them in wickedness and tugs at their sinful nature to make them worse and worse.


We have all seen it. A young man we went to school with who was constantly in trouble becomes someone much worse by the time he is 20. And then, as the years go we see his life given to debauchery and sin that takes physical tolls on him. His inner ugliness manifests in outward ugliness. He loses friends and family and despises himself. Satan leads him down that path, just as he leads all sons of disobedience.


The horror of Satan’s rule does not stop at the destruction of a man but also shows up, in particular, by despising God. It is why Christianity, of all the world religions, is singled out for hatred and persecution. It is rare for a Buddhist to be attacked for his faith. It is common for a Christian to be persecuted.


Our enemy is always at work, destroying men and seeking to destroy true religion in any way he can. It is no wonder that God saw fit to include the words “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” in the letter to the Ephesians. The Gospel that we preach is meant to inflict great pain on our enemy and the leader of the sons of disobedience. We should expect him to respond with vengeance. This should make us rely on the Spirit to help us in our witness.