When Roe Is Overturned | First Presbyterian Church

May 18, 2022 Joe Helt

When Roe Is Overturned

When Roe Is Overturned

Each year in Indiana approximately 7,500 of our citizens are murdered. Year after year, mothers and fathers have walked through the doors of various abortuaries to kill their unborn sons and daughters. While it is true that abortion has been around since time immemorial, we have mechanized it and perfected it in our day. It is clinical, and it is common.

But, with the very real hope of Roe v. Wade being overturned, we have a coming reality: we will have thousands of children who otherwise would have been murdered by their parents coming into the world to breathe and live. It is a good reality, but it comes hand-in-hand with the complex problem of knowing how to care for these children. Although a problem, this does not mean it is bad; rather, we must think of solutions and prepare. Are we prepared for this world?

Beginning very soon, thousands of unwanted children will enter the world around us. We must be ready to meet them as orphans in our streets. We must be prepared to care for them and love them. We must be ready to bring them into our homes and lives. What preparations are necessary?

We will have to work twice as hard to provide material goods for them. The money and food and clothing we have been giving will have to double or triple. Many of us must enter the world of adoption and foster care. Baby boxes for abandoned infants will need to be commonplace.

Though the world has accused the church of not caring for the least of these—and using that argument to slaughter their children—we know that we have been hard at work. The church has built pregnancy centers and food pantries and diaper drives. Now we must redouble the work. The world will always have orphans, and soon it will have many more.

It is a logistical problem, to be sure, but it is also a spiritual problem. In ourselves, we do not have the strength and resources to help all these little ones. But we do have the power of the Spirit to help us care for the unwanted and unloved. We must ask God for His help to prepare for and to do the work. We must cry out to Him for the strength to meet the need.

Thousands of children will now need our help in very real ways. Rise up, O Church!