Great Joy for Mothers | First Presbyterian Church

May 13, 2022 First Presbyterian Church

Great Joy for Mothers

Great Joy for Mothers

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

– 3 John 4


John was speaking as a father, but it is true of a mother of the church, too: her greatest joy is seeing that her children are walking in the truth. Make it your ambition to see that the children of the church walk in accord with the Gospel.


God has given us many earthly gifts to help us on our walks, and one such help is that we can look toward our own reward and joy as we follow God. In fact, it is unchristian to bleakly do the things God has commanded without desiring joy in the process.


The world has grabbed hold of this idea, that the best actions are those done without any sort of eye towards the self. That the best love is a detached love. The best kindness is one that does not take joy in the action.


But this is not true: at a base level, it is the opposite of how God has acted toward us, His children. He delights in us and over us and for us. He is joyful when we walk as He commands.


Take this great truth to your hearts, mothers. You should work hard and tirelessly to aim your children rightly, not just for their gain but yours as well. Your gain is the joy in your heart as your children follow in the footsteps of their Lord. Your joy is that they will one day meet Him. Let your hearts take solace in that joy.