Godly Mothers are not Quiet | First Presbyterian Church

May 10, 2022 First Presbyterian Church

Godly Mothers are not Quiet

Godly Mothers are not Quiet

Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice;

  – Proverbs 1:20


You have heard me quote Scripture that says, “let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness.” (1 Timothy 2:11) There are several other places that this command is given to women. But, remember, those commands are in the context of the church gathered—where men are to lead the people in worship of God.


As it turns out, women should not be totally silent all the time. In fact, they should be quite loud, as long as they are telling the truth about God and His world. Godly women should be glad to fill the streets with calls for godliness and wisdom. They should be especially glad to fill the ears of their children with the wisdom of God.


Additionally, the woman’s voice should be full of warning. It is a difficult thing to train up a child in the way he should go. Hearts are prone to wander and sin and choose foolishness—and a loving mother tells her children that the wide path leads to death. She does not equivocate on this. She states it simply and often, that it is not only godly to refrain from sin, but also worldly wise to refrain.


And for her children who learn, she takes them into the deep knowledge of God. As an overflow of having drunk deeply at His waters, she will tell of His faithfulness to the saints of old and to her family. She will speak of trying times and how God sustained her. So, while God has ordained that men should lead the church, He has also ordained that men should learn from women.