Dominion and the Gospel | First Presbyterian Church

November 12, 2021 First Presbyterian Church

Dominion and the Gospel

Dominion and the Gospel

For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.                                 – Romans 6:14


We have spent the week looking at three aspects of dominion and lordship. It would be a mistake to immediately apply them to your neighbor, your neighboring state, or your country. The first application must be to your own self.


If you would hope to live out the dominion God gave to man, then you must first master yourself. This is self-control, a fruit of the Spirit. You must press your body into submission with the strength that God supplies. You must talk to yourself when sin takes root. You must cry out to God on your own behalf so that He would draw near to you.


Do you want to please God on this earth? Then take the difficult path of dominion over your sin. God has made you a new creation in Christ and has renewed your strength to do that work. He has given it to you to accomplish. He has re-made you for this task. Give yourself to it.